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Infants & Toddlers

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Helping your child get the best start possible

A child only experiences their important early years once. At The Little Anderson, we ensure our child care center provides a fun, safe and educational setting for your child. Our professional staff in Cincinnati, OH are experts in child development and dedicated to giving each child in our care the best start in life.


The Little Anderson is more than just a child care center. We are focused on helping your children reach their full potential. We recognize each child is an individual and learns differently. Our staff is trained to help prepare your child for the challenges of school and later life. We do this through providing a positive and supportive learning environment.


We believe that every child is a valued member of the community who deserves respect. We strive to create a nurturing environment for children to express and develop their own unique personalities. Our child care experts gently instill values of respect and sharing amongst our children in Cincinnati.


Our staff in Cincinnati love going to work every day and is committed to providing a safe, caring, and fun space for children to learn and develop. Each one of our staff members is highly trained in childhood development, and we always put the needs of your child first. We’re sure that you have questions, and we’d love to answer those questions for you! We’d also love to show you around our center! 

We appreciate the differences in each child and are always working to create an environment that enhances and develops the personality of each child we care for. Keep in mind that spaces tend to book quickly, so please give us a call today. We’ll show you around, meet your child, and spend as much time as you need talking about our child care center.

Flexible arrangements

Because we have extended hours, we are able to accept full-time, part-time and varied schedules. Catered lunches and dinners are provided, as well as snacks, meeting the standards of the Ohio Dept. of Education, Office of Health, Safety and Nutrition. Cots, clean sheets and blankets are provided each evening at 9:00 p.m. as the children await your arrival. For safety, the center is locked at all times. We welcome family and friends with the proper identification. No child is permitted to leave the Center without parental consent and a photo ID. Cameras, with both audio and video, may be recording. Staff are available to discuss your child's progress and behavior, upon request.

Infant Program 6 Weeks-18 Months

Day and Evening Care Our newly remodeled and expanded infant room creates the perfect home away from home for your baby. Our infant room is divided into two separate areas. Newborns have their own special area, keeping them warm, cozy and safe. 

All babies have the everyday security of their own crib, fresh sheets and blankets provided by the Center. Once enrolled, they are assigned their individual caretaker, giving them a chance to bond with our staff. Sleeping infants are constantly monitored. Cribs are used only for sleeping. 

The ratio of staff to infants is carefully monitored to stay below the State minimum. Diapers are changed every 2 hours, more often if needed, and feedings are on demand, keeping your baby happy and comfortable. Babies are cuddled and rocked. A cuddled baby is a happy baby!! You will receive a daily written summary of your baby, so you know how much they slept, ate, and when diapers were changed. 

There are lots of opportunities for spontaneous and fun filled learning experiences as your baby grows and develops. Our babies love playing ball, chasing bubbles, dabbling in finger paint (really pudding!), reading stories in a comfy lap, singing songs and moving to the music. When weather permits they enjoy the fresh air and sunshine in a big, 6 seat stroller. 

Although you provide diapers and baby wipes, the Center offers Kroger Comfort formula, if you choose, as well as all baby food and finger foods. As the infants celebrate their first birthday, the Center provides whole milk and all meals and snacks. 

Be sure to stop in and visit - you will be impressed!

Toddler Program Ages 18 Months-3Years

Day and Evening Care 

Terrific toddlers!! Active, busy, curious and very independent! 

Our toddler program is divided into two classrooms, separated by age and ability. This makes it much easier to meet their rapidly changing needs. As your child begins in the toddler room they will enjoy many exciting activities. They love reading stories, singing songs, and moving to the music. 

There is a lot of messy play - painting, sand and water play, both indoors and out when weather permits. They begin relating to their world, playing "Mommy" and "Daddy" and taking care of their "babies", working puzzles, building with big blocks, and scribbling pictures for your refrigerator. 

Toddlers are active, so both classrooms include a climber. They also are given times to play on the big soft mat in our indoor playroom. There are lots of room for running, tumbling, dancing and games. When weather permits they enjoy our expanded playground with riding toys, balls, and the new play set. They love the big yellow slide! 

Their schedules include lots of busy time but also allow time for quiet activities. Naptime is from 1:00 - 3:00 p.m. each afternoon. Lesson plans are posted outside each classroom so you can see what the children are learning. When ready, we will work with you to encourage potty training. We will follow your lead in this big step towards growing up.
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