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Preschool to School Age

Our community child care in Cincinnati, OH can benefit your child

A caring, supportive environment for your child

The Little Anderson is a community child care center in Cincinnati, OH that strives to provide a nurturing, caring environment for all children. Whether you need childcare every day or just occasionally, our professional staff will ensure your child's time with us is safe, productive, and fun. By incorporating the latest techniques regarding early childhood learning, The Little Anderson is ahead of the curve when it comes to providing child care of the highest quality.

Classes offered

We offer Dance classes! Contact us for more information.

Why choose us?

Open from 6AM until Midnight 
Caring and Nurturing 
Outside and Inside Playroom 
Privately Owned
Low Child-to-Teacher Ratio 
Owner on Premises 

What sets us apart?

We’d love to show you why we’re different, and why so many parents trust us with their kids! Would you like a tour of our center? Want to meet our staff? We’re here for you! We’re proud of what we have developed, and we can’t wait to share our enthusiasm for childcare with you! Call us to book an appointment.

The best possible care

The Little Anderson only employs highly skilled staff that are fully trained and accredited in early childhood development. We ensure that your child is learning and growing during their time with us. Please feel free to drop in to our community child care center in Cincinnati and meet some of the wonderful people who will be working with your little ones.

Growing the community

The Little Anderson is proud to be a part of the Cincinnati community. For us, this means providing the highest standards in community child care to make sure our youngest citizens experience a fun, nurturing, fostering environment, even when they're away from their parents.

Flexible and affordable

We provide a flexible program to accommodate the needs of busy parents. You'll also find that our rates are highly competitive; as we strongly believe that top-quality childcare shouldn't cost a fortune. 

Preschool & Pre-Kindergarten Programs Ages 3 - 5 Day & Evening Care

Now that your child is in preschool, the classes will be more structured.The preschoolers are 3 year olds and the pre-kindergarten children are 4 and getting ready for the world of school. A complete curriculum covers listening and language skills, pre-reading, pre-writing and pre-math activities, introduction to the basics of science, development of motor skills - large and small, thinking skills, and creativity in arts and crafts. Lesson plans are posted outside each classroom and parents are encouraged to reinforce these skills at home. 

Children ages 3 and 4 learn as they play. There are daily opportunities for working with paints, crayons, puzzles, blocks and other materials. The children enjoy reading books, telling stories, getting lost in the world of "make-believe". Listening to music, learning new songs and a weekly dance and gymnastics class are all part of their activities. They also discover the world of science with classroom pets, learning about all living things, discovering the natural world around them. Our newly expanded playground allows time for running, riding bikes, playing ball and enjoying our new climbing equipment. When weather keeps the children inside, our new indoor playroom with a big, soft mat gets lots of use. 

Social skills are also developing at this time; children are learning to listen, follow directions, share, take turns and solve problems with their friends. At the end of their prekindergarten year, you and your child will experience their first graduation, complete with diploma!! Parents and guests are invited to attend.

School Age Program Kindergarten - 12 Years

Before and after school care is provided during the school year. Full day care is available on school holidays and breaks. Summertime welcomes school aged children on a full time basis. 

The kindergarteners and school aged children are excited to use their newly designed classroom. More space has been provided for their activities; lots of arts and crafts, board games, computer and video games, age appropriate movies, and special projects. Help is provided for homework, if needed during the school year and there is always time set aside for reading.

Afternoon snacks are planned when the when the children come from school; after all, they are starving!! Cots or camping out on the floor with blankets is always an option for the children that still need that afternoon rest time.
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